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Two souls. Four love stories.

Ancient Egypt. Renaissance Italy. 1980s Pittsburgh. Futuristic Argentina.

Bender tells the story of four couples across space and time, chronicling their relationships from the moments they meet, until their love stories ultimately end. These interconnecting tales follow a princess who falls for a slave, two men whose love is taboo, a dysfunctional couple struggling to make it work, and two women who discover a fascinating machine that reveals they’ve lived multiple past lives.


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Marilyn Monroe wakes up inside the rust-colored brick walls of an extravagant mansion in Savannah, and is informed that it’s the year 2062.

The young man who tells her this is Jeremiah Gold, whom Marilyn met just days ago in California, a century earlier.  He quickly explains how he traveled back to 1962 in the time machine he invented, to save her from the death that would have otherwise overtaken her. At first Marilyn is unable to comprehend the truth, but as Jeremiah discovers that the news of her legendary demise is still mysteriously in place, she decides to align her trust in him.

In time, the brazen blonde emerges out into the southern city, taking caution so that none of the citizens of Savannah recognize the enigma of her presence. Marilyn knows it’s dangerous, but she can’t quench the urge she has to explore this futuristic world, regardless of the warnings Jeremiah gives her. She forges a new path, leaving her famous persona behind.

But even a hundred years can’t make an icon like Marilyn fade.

It’s not long before a throng of people recognizes who she really is, forcing Marilyn and Jeremiah to escape in haste. They leave Savannah and hide out at an old plantation on the outskirts of Charleston, where their relationship starts to deepen, causing their heartstrings to intertwine into an undeniable affection.

What Happened to Marilyn is a time-bending novel that gives one of the most famous women in the world a shot at redemption. As she struggles to deal with her identity and her unfulfilled dreams, Marilyn wonders if she should stay with Jeremiah, or return to the past that will never let her go.


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Priam Wood is a painter, but when the colors of his life coalesce in unwanted ways, he is unable to change the canvas he has created. While he dies alone with no one at his side, he longs for his ballerina Ellie to return, but she is gone and there is no way to get her back…or is there?

Death greets Priam in the form of a white abyss where a golden retriever informs him that he has the chance to relive the seven days of his life that he regrets the most. Before each of his second chances begin however, Priam must first relive each of the seven days the original way they happened, as a passenger within his own body, witnessing the day for what it was while being unable to do anything at all. He has to live through the death of his mother, the end of his relationship with his brother, the tragedy that befalls his son Charlie, and the loss of his one true love Ellie all over again.

During his journey, he is able to amend occurrences in certain ways, but in doing so, his second chances are put on an entirely new trajectory. The seven days are connected and thus, as he begins to alter events that happened during his life, what he comes to fix later on no longer even exists. When he reaches the end, his second days are incomparable to how his life originally went.

The Second Chances of Priam Wood is a story about realizing that not everything that happens in our lives can be explained, and that regardless of the tribulations we face, we must never give up.


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