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New Perspectives

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted an entry, but I suppose that just allows me to chat more about what has happened in the months in between I last wrote. I HAVE A JOB! But in all seriousness, I said at the end of my last entry that I hoped to have a job by my next post, and thankfully I do. Actually, I’ve had two jobs in between now and November, but I won’t even bother writing about the first one since it was such a shit show. A delightful shit show really, but still a shit show nevertheless. I’m working as a Content Editor at Expedia. I’ve been there for a little over a month now and I’m really enjoying it. I write about travel all day, which is probably the best topic to write about, if you’re going to do it five days a week, eight hours a day. I already feel like the list of places I want to travel to is growing, and in the process of my writing and researching, I’m learning, which is always a plus. My team is really nice, the building is super cool, so I really can’t complain about anything. Oh, the commute isn’t my favorite, as their headquarters are in Bellevue, but that’s really the only con.

This is my first weekend in Seattle in a month since I stated my job, as I was in Portland two weekends in a row, and then last weekend I went back to Pittsburgh to visit friends and family. I got to spend two nights in WV with my sister and hang out with her son, Benjamin. Yes, I’m an uncle and I’m so excited about it! He’s such a sweet little baby, and I had a blast holding him all weekend long and getting to spend nice quality time with my sister. I got to see my brother, mom, dad, and a bunch of friends as well, which was lovely. Being back in Pittsburgh for the first time since I moved in August felt kind of surreal. I felt as if I was looking at the city from an entirely new perspective. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an amazing place, it just felt different, older, smaller, stretched out in a bunch of various directions I didn’t think it could go.

I haven’t been writing. I mean, I’ve been writing at work constantly, but I haven’t delved into my new manuscript yet. I think it’s hard for me to start a new project when an old one is still occupying most of my time. Bender has been done for almost a year now, at least the initial draft. I started querying agents at the beginning of last month. I just haven’t had as much time to devote to it as I’d like. It takes a decent amount of time to do, since it seems like every agent has a completely different set of submission guidelines. Oh, my oven timer is going off, I have pizza in the oven.

Once I get through all of the agents I’d like to send my work too, and then give it some time to see if anything happens, I think I’ll be able to start on my next novel. I suppose if Bender doesn’t get picked up I’ll just publish it independently again. We’ll see.

I’ve lived in Seattle for over six months now, and life feels strangely surreal a lot of the times. I suppose that’s mostly because I really have no idea where my life is going. I’m single, don’t have a ton of friends here, and although it’s extremely invigorating a lot of the time, it also has me feeling like I owe nothing to anyone out here, and can pretty much do whatever I want. It’s refreshing, but I also find myself wanting more. I love being in love, I like having friends who understand me in ways that most people don’t. While I feel we are all in state of constant evolution, I feel this is perhaps the most defining decade of my life. (If not just the past year, in reality.) I love Seattle, I love the West Coast, I don’t know if I see myself moving back to Pittsburgh or anywhere on the East Coast for quite some time. If anything, this moving far from home experience has just made me crave change and the variety of life even more.

Sure, I miss my family, and my friends, but I don’t want to live a complacent life. I want to always be exploring, challenging myself in ways I thought I never would. I want my perspective to constantly be shifting from one shade to another. I feel like I go through these moments where I am utterly engrossed with what is going on around me, and then before I know it everything I thought I understood has completely turned itself around into something entirely new.

This is getting far more philosophical than I initially intended, but I guess that’s alright. This has sort of turned more into a personal blog/writing blog hybrid in recent posts anyways. I’m just going to keep moving ahead, and try to convince myself to take one day at a time, even though I know I will always be looking to the future. Which reminds me, I found a bumper sticker when I was in Portland on my first February visit, and it said something that really stuck with me: “Yesterday’s tomorrow is today.” It might seem a bit trite, but really, it just pointed out everything that’s been washing over me in such continuos waves recently. It’s all about perspective. And now, that bumper sticker is hanging above my door, so that I pass underneath it every day I wake up and set out on my way.


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