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An Update from Seattle

It’s been nearly three months since I last wrote an update on here, and while so much has changed, it also feels like perhaps not much has changed at all. I’ve been living in Seattle for about three months now, and I can honestly say it’s a wonderful place. I haven’t once doubted my decision to move out here. That being said, there have certainly be a fair share of ups and downs, but that is to be expected. My living situation is great, I love my neighborhood of Ballard, my house is lovely, and all three of my roommates are awesome people and have become close friends. The first two months here the weather was really nice, so I got to explore the city a lot, go on three amazing hikes, and just really get to know the city of Seattle in a way I never had previously.

The job search has been taking much longer than I’d originally hoped. I’ve continuously been having interviews and such, but due to either bad luck, or being second choice, I have yet to land a full time position. Right now I am in the midst of a few interviews, one in particular that seems very promising, so I am hopeful that things will click shortly. In the mean time, I am working part time at a book store and putting a lot of energy into my websites, so I suppose I can’t complain. I certainly will be excited when I have a regular schedule again though, (and a steady pay check.) Luckily, I am blessed to have some savings, so things could be worse.

I’ve edited my third manuscript Bender through two times now, and I’ve passed it along to friends and family. I actually just got back my first feedback today from my friend Cynthia, so it is chugging along. I think once I get more feedback and more opinions I will start to put together a query letter and send it out. I’m not in any rush though. It will most likely be next year when I really start to query agents. I’m pleased with it for the most part, and am excited to get it out there, eventually, in what ever way that ends up happening.

My next idea has been percolating for a while now. I started to write out the thinnest of outlines this summer, and now have five main characters, a working title, an overall idea of the plot, themes, etc. It’s set in the state of Washington, but I actually want to go to the town before I start writing it, perhaps in the month of February, since that month plays a huge part of the book. It’s definitely getting to the point where it continues to bubble up more and more every day. I’ve already started playing around with opening lines, so it likely won’t be long until I dive in.

I also updated this website a bit with new photos and such. The author picture of me from before was on the Brooklyn Bridge from 2012, so I thought an image of me from this year in Seattle would be a more fitting representation. Next time I write to you I am confident I will have a new job, perhaps a new manuscript started, and a new year to talk about! xoxo

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